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helping the average person not get Crushed by large companies trying to rip them off.

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Speak with real people and help to guide & influence them

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Do something you love, never give up and surround yourself with awesome people. The money will come eventually but best of all every day feels like a Saturday!

-- William Fealey (founder) --

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The sort of people that stay up until 3am working. The sort of people that will be honest with you. The sort of people that will go out of their way to tell a company owner how they can improve their business (even when they're not our client).

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Meet the team who play Xbox all day work extremely hard


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From startup companies to large multi-nationals we've dealt with nearly 1000 clients on a case-by-case term or longterm basis

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You will get honest advice but please note we have strict guidelines to ensure the safety & privacy of our users but if you can offer us something that will either save them money or improve their life we can help and if we can't we will point you in the right direction.

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Our Testimonials

  • First time ever that a website/group has actually worked at what they say their going to do. I still have some of those free beers left over! still getting things randomly from your news feed updates! you guys are epic – biblical style epic – oppan gangnam style epic! thanks

    Gerald Gallivan
  • You know it’s a great site when you find yourself coming on to facebook just to check this page, and buying things you’ve never even heard of because they’re such bargains!

    Andrew McNally
  • I saved so much money it’s unreal, I check your site twice a day for updates and I usually check out something you’ve put every day. It’s a brilliant thing to do and such a good idea, and I can’t believe that you all have managed to keep it going while keeping up with your lives! Thankyou so much, I’d actually pay for this service I think, as it saves me so much!

    Emma Freeman

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